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Finding Inspiration for Home Remodeling

Find Remodeling Inspiration Below!

2023 Trends to Consider for Remodeling Your Home

There are many reasons that you might want to remodel your home, whether it’s a specific room or the entire space. Whatever your goals, there are several trends that already stand out in 2023 that you might want to use for inspiration.

Our experts at Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvements keep their eyes out for innovative or trending designs. Whether you want a kitchen remodeling in Bayshore, NY or you need a fresh bathroom space, keep reading for ideas or give us a call today!

Consider Becoming "One with Nature"

One of the lasting trends for several years now has been to include nature in your home, from floral styles to living plants. The good news is that, if you cultivated a natural environment in your living room, you’ll still be with the trend in 2023.

Common colors to breathe nature into your space are soft blues and greens. Since these can create a relaxing environment and give life to the room, you might consider using these tones in a basement remodeling in Bellmore, NY

These softer, nature-inspired colors are eye-catching, so they’re also perfect for finishes and decoration. While you can choose to replace or add furniture that’s nature-centric, it can be about the little things, as well.

You might want a nice oak table, living plants to water, flowers on the counter, or wicker baskets. A trending addition for some remodels has been a tree stump as an end table or a live-edge table. Whatever you need to fulfill your natural remodeling, give us a call today!

Get Dramatic

There are many options to go with to decorate and style your home. One of the latest trends is monochrome shades and color schemes to personalize your interior. These colors can give your room a moody atmosphere by utilizing the most out of a single color.

Matching the color of your wallpaper to the rest of your room can be very effective. For example, a darker green color can go well to bring out similar colors in your furniture and curtains. This modernized aesthetic is versatile for any remodeling.

While the green scheme could also pair with a naturalistic tone, the gothic vibe is returning with flavor. Black paint, wallpaper, and decorations are perfect to bring out a certain mood. Monochrome can be great for any room, even a bathroom remodeling in Farmingdale, NY.

If you’re wanting to set a mood or give your room a fresh, deeper look, you can’t go wrong with this trend. Whether it’s a dark green, purple, or gothic black approach, let our design experts know when you call us today!

Art Deco is Roaring Back

Art Deco is Roaring Back

History tends to repeat itself, and the aesthetics of the 1920’s are no exception. The ‘20’s were full of social gatherings and unique concepts. Similar to retro returns, art deco is back with the in-crowd.

If you’re planning to remodel your home with these themes, you might opt for multiple gathering areas or a single, large one. You could choose a powder bath in your new bathroom to give you inspiration and relaxation. 


Put Some Texture in Your Countertops

Between the kitchen and bathroom, there are a lot of countertops in your home. You can use that opportunity to make a bold statement or accentuate other features in a room. Some of the trending materials are soapstone and leathered granite to give your countertops an earthy tone.

If you choose this direction with your countertops, our designers will recommend lighter cabinets. This contrast of shades and materials, light stains with leather, looks great in any remodeling. 

Attention to the Trim

A recent decision for style is to give your remodel a unique trim. Contemporary and modern trim can be used in a variety of ways, from bigger shapes to vibrant colors. Trim is an essential component of interior design and remodeling projects.

This decorative molding offers several benefits, including enhanced aesthetics and highlighting space in your kitchen remodeling in Lindenhurst, NY. By paying close attention to trim, we can add architectural details or create a polished look.

One example of how we might use trim is by separating the upper and lower sections of a wall with chair rail molding. This can add depth while simultaneously concealing any imperfections of your room. 

Trim can also be used to protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches, like baseboards from furniture. Of course, it’s not just about walls. Trim can also highlight window areas or doors. There are many kinds of trim to choose from, like:

  • Baseboards
  • Crown molding
  • Chair rails
  • Window casings
  • Integrated or built-in shelves

Our team understands how to complement the style of your remodeling with the proper trim techniques. We’ll help you bring out the most in your new space when you call us today for an estimate!

Have Fun with Color

While ultra-minimalistic color schemes used to be all the rage, things have changed. People are choosing to go the opposite direction, with colorful, personalized wallpapers and decorations. There are many benefits to updating the color palette of your remodeling project.

Not only will you be able to enjoy a modernized appeal in your space, but we can help you cultivate a balanced color scheme. The goal is to complement the aesthetic design of your home. 

Vibrant or fun colors can also have an impact on your mood and overall atmosphere. Similar to the discussion earlier on gothic monochrome, blues and lighter greens can encourage a calming space. Oranges and yellows can give you more energy for that morning lift.

Speaking of different colors, pastels are also trending in 2023. These softer colors can be relaxing and soothing. In fact, colorways like eucalyptus and York are even lighter than the usual pastels for even better effect in your bathroom remodeling in Massapequa, NY.

Using your imagination to color your remodel can also increase your property value in the future for resale. Different uses of colors can be eye-catching and prove that you care about your home, so give us a call now when you want to explore your color option!

Simple and Thrifty

The trend of upcycling relates back to recreating memories or decorating with heirlooms. 2023 simplicity isn’t about embellishment, but taking things back to those times. When you want Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvements to remodel your home, you have options.

When it comes to furniture, you might choose to refinish or strip old furniture to make it your own. A lot of homeowners opt to go with used furniture and just add a lacquer to the natural look instead of paying for brand-new furnishings.

Not only can being thrifty save you on furniture costs, but it can deliver on the older concepts. Along similar lines as minimalistic aesthetic, sometimes the history of used decor is better and provides an interesting talking point for gatherings.

Light Up Your Remodel

When you’re remodeling your home, one of the areas that’s often overlooked or underutilized is lighting. Lighting can serve many purposes, from enhancing aesthetics to practical use. Whether you’re trying to create a dynamic mood or light an activity, we can help.

Task lighting is one example, because under-cabinet lighting can improve productivity, reduce eye strain at night, or help with precision cutting. If you need bathroom remodeling in Seaford, NY, vanity lighting can help with makeup or grooming. 

There’s a reason for the phrase “mood lighting.” How you choose to dim or brighten a space during your remodel can set a tone for different occasions or gatherings. You can go for energy-efficient, color-changing LED lights or something more cozy like dimmers.

Our experts can also use lighting to highlight different architectural features in your home with strategically-placed fixtures. We can also improve your home security with lighting, whether it’s to help you safely navigate the dark inside or illuminate the exterior.

Properly-lit driveways and garden paths can deter criminals while interior lighting can reduce the risk of injury. You can even choose smart lighting with remote control and presets. We’ll help you plan and design lighting for your needs and interests when you call us today!

Organization is Key

With so many streaming and television shows about the benefits of an organized lifestyle, that’s become a rising trend in 2023 remodeling. For many years, open shelves and glass doors were the concepts people loved, but that’s shifted lately.

Now, homeowners prefer neat drawers, closing shelves, and anything that supports organization. Not only can this offer a clear headspace and less stress, but an organized kitchen remodeling in Merrick, NY can make it easier to find the right dish when you need it.

Round Out Your Remodel

There are several concepts to consider with remodeling, but the edges and squares have given way to round and curvy. The loose style and design of curved furniture and hardware has taken over in 2023 trends.

Our team can round off the edges of countertops, help you choose curved fixtures, or pick out moon-shaped hardware. You can also combine trends, like soapwood, rounded countertops. We’ll work with your ideas when you call Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvements today!

Trends to Look Forward to

With so many trending concepts, themes, and styles to consider already in 2023, you might wonder what comes next. Our trained experts and designers keep track of these things and understand patterns and interests.

The concept of minimalism seems to be a thing of the past, with people wanting depth and dimension in their kitchen remodeling in Wantagh, NY. Modern designs have also been leaning into textures, like tile and stone.

Blandness of white and gray is being replaced with moody gothic black or vibrant color palettes. This can range from softer pastels to monochrome exploration. We’ll recommend the best way forward with your remodeling when you give our team a call now!

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