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Increase Home Value With Basement Remodeling in East Meadow, NY

On average, a homeowner may expect to see an increase of over two-thirds the cost of a basement remodeling job reflected in the value of their home.  That’s kind of shocking.  What’s even more shocking, however, is that a basement can be a great place to focus your remodeling efforts.  A lot of people are actually hesitant to make a decision about remodeling their basement.  Basements tend to be a little bit creepy and they don’t really receive the creative attention that they deserve.  A basement can be the ultimate man cave, an art design studio, or the headquarters for an entrepreneur’s future billion dollar business.  It’s also a potentially solid candidate for a zombie-proof safe room in case of…well, a zombie apocalypse!

It’s fun to make jokes.  But, the truth is that your basement is an asset.  It’s a part of your home.  Whether your intend to use it as a means of increasing the return on your investment  when the time comes to sell your property or as the location for a future game room, gym or art studio….or whatever it is that you want to do with your basement…Cross Road Carpentry and Home Improvement can help!

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Challenges to Basement Remodeling in East Meadow, NY

As you attempt to remodel you basement, you may find that there a few stumbling blocks which wouldn’t typically occur if you were looking into remodeling other areas of your home:

  • Bad lighting – natural lighting is often a problem (when you are in a basement, which is underground..) and artificial lighting can be expensive to install in an aesthetically pleasing manner, while remaining easy on the budget.
  • Moisture – Humidity can be a real issue underground.   A wet environment can breed mold and fungus, and of course, there is always the threat of flooding
  • Air – You need to breathe, so if you have any intention of spending a significant amount of time in your new basement gameroom, you’ll need to consider ventilation and how that will affect your plans
  • Rerouting – Everything that you want, which you already have in the rest of your home, will need to be integrated into your plans for your basement (electrical wiring, ductwork – for reasons mentioned in the last bullet point, but also for climate control and comfort, and plumbing, because some things just can’t be delayed)

Now, although we have just spent a goodly amount of word space on describing the challenges related to basement remodeling, it is definitely worth pointing out that a basement is a chapter in book that’s just waiting to be written.  If you have the budget for it, your basement could really and truly become the best place your house.  You want to make the most of your home’s available space? Remodel your basement.  You want to a place to plan your strategy for world domination?  Remodel your basement.  You want to do something useful with your basement, in general?  Call Cross Road Carpentry and Home Improvement!  Whatever your basement remodeling goals may be, we can help you achieve them.

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Shelly knows his carpentry! I started prepping for my kitchen project 6 months ahead of time so I knew exactly what I wanted. We kept in touch throughout the whole time and I was able to pick a start date that was convenient. From the beginning he allowed me to work one on one with his staff (cabinets & floor) and they all did a fantastic job! He gave me ideas, suggestions and shared my vision. I wanted the trimming and molding around the doorways and windows to pop and Shelly knew exactly how to make that happen. It came out beautiful! The electric, floors, walls & ceiling, it all came out beautiful. Shelly knows how to make a project come to life and we’re so happy we found him. Thx again Shelly!

– Stacy T.   East Meadow, NY


An outstanding professional company. Shelley and Andrew were extremely thorough and efficient in their excellent carpentry work. They worked on my house as if it were their own. They also gave me great suggestions for improvements of my project as they went along. Some of the home improvement suggestions were even out of their expertise, but their honesty and interpersonal relationship gave me the confidence to act on their suggestions. I would not hesitate to hire them for my next project.

– Kurt T.   Westbury, NY

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I must say that Shelly the main contractor did an amazing job with my kitchen. He had great ideas. When he gave a time that the Electrician or plumber would come, they did exactly show up. I would use them over and over again. I totally trust him and his crew. My kitchen looks like a show room and I never expected my kitchen could come close to what it is. People can not believe how great the kitchen looks. His details to the crown moldings was unreal. My room looks double the size and i have counter space. I would highly recommend him.

– Harriet S.

Shelley is a fantastic contractor. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He truly cares and listens to the homeowner, and does everything in his power to get the job done! He is efficient, competent, and extremely hard working. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my home. Very easy to work with!
– Taylor A.

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