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We all know the stereotype from horror movies where the basement is scary, but you can actually do a lot with your basement! You’re paying for your property, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most enjoyment out of every square inch? With basement remodeling in Bellmore, NY, you can turn your space into whatever you want. For the budding artist, it can be a new studio. If you like to host parties, it can transform into a game room. Basements are often overlooked for their potential, which is a shame. Many homeowners miss out on the boost that remodeled basements can bring to their home’s value. In fact, a quality result can increase the resale value of your home by more than two-thirds of what you pay for the remodel!

Your basement can be used for anything you want when you let Cross Road Carpentry and Home Improvements help. We want you to get the room you’ve always wanted, and our team of experts is the ready for the job. Whether you want the boosted curb appeal or a new room in your home, we’ve got you covered when you give us a call today at 516-343-3945 and schedule your free estimate!

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When it comes to your basement remodeling in Bellmore, NY, we always recommend hiring a professional. We’ll bring you quality results that you’ll love and work with you to get the basement you’ll want to spend time in. We’ve also got the knowledge and equipment to safely turn your basement into a new space, because there are obstacles:
  • Air quality is a safety risk if you don’t have the right ventilation or safety gear. Your basement is underground, so the air can be thin. That’s not the only concern, though, because basements are close to the earth. That means water vapor gets in, and humid air can cause bacterial mold to form. Mold and fungi affect the air and can be dangerous.
  • With the location of your basement and the moisture, there’s also the possibility of flooding the room without a pro doing your remodel.
  • Especially if you plan to have your basement become a movie theatre or a game area, you’ll need electricity. That means proper wiring and ventilation ducts, among other things, and you definitely want those done right the first time. Connecting all of those to the rest of your home will give you air conditioning, plumbing, and let you enjoy your new space in peace.
  • On that note, you’ll also need electricity for light fixtures. As you can imagine, you don’t get much sunlight in the basement, so our experts can recommend the best lighting products that will fit your financial and visual needs.

Your safety is important to us, so Cross Road Carpentry and Home Improvements is here to help! We’ve been doing basement remodeling in Bellmore, NY for a long time, so we know how to give you what you want. We’ll work with you to design a basement that you’ll be satisfied with, even if it’s just for the resale value. We also understand that upgrades to your home cost money, so a lot of homeowners put off creating their dream house. We know the best manufacturers and products, so we’ll keep your budget in mind when making our recommendations. When you’re ready to use your basement for more than damp storage, let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you today!

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Shelly knows his carpentry! I started prepping for my kitchen project 6 months ahead of time so I knew exactly what I wanted. We kept in touch throughout the whole time and I was able to pick a start date that was convenient. From the beginning he allowed me to work one on one with his staff (cabinets & floor) and they all did a fantastic job! He gave me ideas, suggestions and shared my vision. I wanted the trimming and molding around the doorways and windows to pop and Shelly knew exactly how to make that happen. It came out beautiful! The electric, floors, walls & ceiling, it all came out beautiful. Shelly knows how to make a project come to life and we’re so happy we found him. Thx again Shelly!

– Stacy T.   East Meadow, NY


An outstanding professional company. Shelley and Andrew were extremely thorough and efficient in their excellent carpentry work. They worked on my house as if it were their own. They also gave me great suggestions for improvements of my project as they went along. Some of the home improvement suggestions were even out of their expertise, but their honesty and interpersonal relationship gave me the confidence to act on their suggestions. I would not hesitate to hire them for my next project.

– Kurt T.   Westbury, NY

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I must say that Shelly the main contractor did an amazing job with my kitchen. He had great ideas. When he gave a time that the Electrician or plumber would come, they did exactly show up. I would use them over and over again. I totally trust him and his crew. My kitchen looks like a show room and I never expected my kitchen could come close to what it is. People can not believe how great the kitchen looks. His details to the crown moldings was unreal. My room looks double the size and i have counter space. I would highly recommend him.

– Harriet S.

Shelley is a fantastic contractor. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He truly cares and listens to the homeowner, and does everything in his power to get the job done! He is efficient, competent, and extremely hard working. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my home. Very easy to work with!
– Taylor A.

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