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           Did you know that interior trim and molding can actually have a dramatic impact on your home’s property value?  It’s a frequently overlooked and commonly underappreciated fact that trim is a highly sought-after compliment to the overall appeal of a home’s interior design.  In many cases, homeowners don’t discover the powerful influence that freshly added trim and molding can have until they are forced to deal with it due to problems with the trim itself.  The effect that trim can have on the aesthetic appeal of a room is tremendous despite the fact that most trim is installed in tasteful spurts across the walls or along the edges of those walls, by the ceiling or floor.  Until defects, rot, or other problems draw a homeowner’s attention, the urge to take action and change out the trim already installed in a home doesn’t often arise as a priority.  

Once a homeowner actually has new trim installed, there is an immediate and obvious impact on the feel and vibe of the room in which the trim is installed.  But, the reason for that change in the feel of the room may not be obvious to everyone.  You’ll notice it and you’ll know why.  Houseguests will pick up on the difference in the feel of the room, as well, but they might not recognize what is responsible for the change.  Indeed, fancy trim is an acquired taste and you have to be paying attention to realize the impact that it has.  Of course, the typical homeowner won’t know how true this is unless they stumble into a situation in which their home has poorly installed, cheap, or decaying interior trim, which will ultimately draw their attention.   If you don’t know what we mean here, please scroll down a bit to the next section so we can explain in a bit more detail.  If you do know what we mean, you are ready to give us a call.

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Trim, Moulding, & Fine Wine in East Meadow, NY

Trim is genuinely an underappreciated feature in many rooms where it has a very real influence over the atmosphere.  It’s sometimes obvious, but for the most part interior trim has an effect that is powerful, yet still subtle enough to escape casual notice.  The effect that tastefully selected, properly installed trim can have is something like the “hint of oak, fruity overtones, and smoky aftertaste” that a sommelier experiences and then gets laughed at for mentioning (after taking a sip of some very expensive wine).  It isn’t that these wine experts are liars…  Because they probably aren’t lying about the flavor that they say they are experiencing.  Believe it.  No: the sommelier isn’t just making things, up because the flavors are there.  So, in the same way that a sip of the liquid drawn from a  $300 bottle of wine can be reminiscent of Fijian dark chocolate, artisanal trim  actually can have an effect the overall experience that someone has when they walk through a room in your home.   And so – returning to the wine analogy – if you are drinking some wine and are attempting to enjoy it to the fullest, you’ll have no choice but to acknowledge that wine tastes better when you have attractive baseboards.

On the other hand, if you just slurp it down like a 14-year old who is trying to get drunk before anyone can stop them, the fact that a particular vintage “speaks of aged rhubarb and Monday morning blues” will go right over your head.  That said, when the sommelier verbalizes their appreciation for a flavor that you may or may not have detected, you should recognize that there is a good chance that they aren’t just full of it.  Yeah.  Trim is…well, it’s something like that.  

You might not realize how powerful interior finishings actually are until you find yourself in a battle to decide which trim is the right trim for a room in your own home.  But, once you have explored the possibilities and experienced the impact of fine trim and moulding first hand, you will be [anointed, and therefore] able to appreciate that there is truth to to the idea that baseboards can significantly affect the feel of your bathroom (and the flavor of your wine)!  That’s why you really do need to choose a contractor who has worked with trim and moulding over a period of time.  Experience counts when it comes to the finer things in life.  Cross Road Carpentry and Home Improvements is all about precision, attention to detail, and knowing which “little things” will actually make a huge difference in the final outcome of a home remodeling project.

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Shelly knows his carpentry! I started prepping for my kitchen project 6 months ahead of time so I knew exactly what I wanted. We kept in touch throughout the whole time and I was able to pick a start date that was convenient. From the beginning he allowed me to work one on one with his staff (cabinets & floor) and they all did a fantastic job! He gave me ideas, suggestions and shared my vision. I wanted the trimming and molding around the doorways and windows to pop and Shelly knew exactly how to make that happen. It came out beautiful! The electric, floors, walls & ceiling, it all came out beautiful. Shelly knows how to make a project come to life and we’re so happy we found him. Thx again Shelly!

– Stacy T.   East Meadow, NY


An outstanding professional company. Shelley and Andrew were extremely thorough and efficient in their excellent carpentry work. They worked on my house as if it were their own. They also gave me great suggestions for improvements of my project as they went along. Some of the home improvement suggestions were even out of their expertise, but their honesty and interpersonal relationship gave me the confidence to act on their suggestions. I would not hesitate to hire them for my next project.

– Kurt T.   Westbury, NY

Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvements


I must say that Shelly the main contractor did an amazing job with my kitchen. He had great ideas. When he gave a time that the Electrician or plumber would come, they did exactly show up. I would use them over and over again. I totally trust him and his crew. My kitchen looks like a show room and I never expected my kitchen could come close to what it is. People can not believe how great the kitchen looks. His details to the crown moldings was unreal. My room looks double the size and i have counter space. I would highly recommend him.

– Harriet S.

Shelley is a fantastic contractor. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He truly cares and listens to the homeowner, and does everything in his power to get the job done! He is efficient, competent, and extremely hard working. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my home. Very easy to work with!
– Taylor A.

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