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Top Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2023

Hottest Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2023

One room that homeowners commonly settle on is the bathroom, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Even if you’re just tired of the way it looks, there are a lot of options when it comes to bathroom remodeling

Our professionals at Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvement know the best methods and styles, but there are some popular ones that are trending so far in 2023 that you might want to consider before you contact us.

Set in Stone

Natural stone is a great way to update your bathroom and give it a personalized look. You’ll have multiple colors to create the aesthetic you want. There are also many natural stone materials for the perfect combination of comfort and design.

It’s no surprise that terrazzo tiles are still a common choice among homeowners. They come in countless colors and styles for unique looks. The stone specks that terrazzo is known for are available in different sizes, too. On top of the aesthetics, terrazzo tiles are practical for their durability and low maintenance.

Another stone for your design roster is anthracite. This black coal has a sheen like metal with almost no impurities. It’s solid and able to withstand the moisture and heat of a bathroom environment. 

You can choose to keep anthracite in its natural state or we can turn it into a paint that’s dark gray for your bathroom’s interior. That makes anthracite uniquely suited for many trending concepts in 2023. 

One of the most popular stones for bathrooms is quartz. It was in almost a quarter of all bathrooms in 2022 and the prediction is higher for 2023. Quartz is a hard material, perfect for the wetness of your bathroom. If you’re thinking of natural stone for your bathroom in 2023, give our experts a call today!

Hygienic Options

There are multiple types of bathtubs and showers to choose from to stay clean. Freestanding tubs are trending for their sophisticated feel. You can feel like you’re in a spa every time you take a bath. 

Another common decision is the translucent tub, which can be curved for added comfort. On that note, you might also want a whirlpool bathtub. This 2023 trend adds luxury to any bathroom, along with a new way to relax.

Steam can help with congestion, stress, and muscle tension. It’s also known to improve circulation and detox your body, so there are many possible benefits to a steam shower in your bathroom. If you want help choosing a tub or shower, our team can help when you call us today!

2023's Favorite Colors and Patterns

A simple way to customize your bathroom and add flair is with the right combination of colors. You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white look. In 2023, homeowners are using black to be bold and white for the minimalistic balance. Gray completes the mixture of neutral colors.

If you want to add color without being too much, a good option is aqua. Watery colors, like aqua and seafoam green, can help relax or promote a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom. Peach is also a lighter color that can accent neutral colors with warmth.

If you prefer a different approach with similar relaxation, you might like earthy tones. Beige, brown, or ochre are all trending in 2023 bathrooms. We can help you find the right blend for your perfect look, or you might opt to stick with one hue in different saturations. 

Either way, let our experts work with your design needs when you contact Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvement today!

Make the Most of Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom should reflect your needs and create the most comfortable space. We can help you find the right accents and materials to make that happen. If you’re trying to bring your bathroom into the 2023 design, we know what’s trending so far in 2023.

Softer metal styles, like champagne gold, are common for a warmer tone. This goes great with a tiled bathroom because of the contrast. You might also want to mix in some brushed gold or another warm metal.

Speaking of a tiled bathroom, geometric shapes are popular. These tiles can be placed on your floor or the walls for maximum effect. You’ll also have a plethora of options with the material, shape, finish, and color of your geometric tiles. 

Subway tiles can bring a splash of color to the room, which can really pop in a neutral bathroom. Herringbone patterns can be more expensive and require professional installation by our team, but they add a layer of sophistication to your space.

A popular trend in 2023 is vertical tiles. These take less effort to install, so they typically have a lower cost than something like herringbone tiles. The way they snap in place also means they’re easier to keep clean.

While the minimalistic concept has reduced, touches of minimalism are still popular. It could show up in the form of slimline wall sconces or clean lines. Let us know what you’re thinking of for your design when you call us now!

Maximize Your Bathroom Space

No matter the size of your bathroom, you’ve got options to make the most of it. A 2023 trend is to go small with your vision to have big effects. Mirrored surfaces can do wonders to create the illusion of depth. A wall-sized grand mirror can have the desired effect for your bathroom.

We can also use backlit mirrors for a chic look. Mirrors with this type of lighting are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles. Any of these mirrors could go behind your basin, which can be improved to be freestanding.

A frameless glass shower can complete the ensemble of your bathroom. This 2023 trend uses 1 or 2 glass panels without a frame to create the illusion of a spacious shower. A mixer faucet with an open spout can also be a good upgrade to consider when you give us a call today!

Get More with Decor

Area rugs can be a great place to start to decorate your bathroom. Replace the idea of a bathmat with your area rug. Some trending designs are oriental and geometric area rugs. You can also accent your 2023 bathroom with plants and greens.

Some of the most popular plants are:

  1. Majesty palms
  2. Orchids
  3. Air plants
  4. Bonsai trees

You can also decorate your bathroom space with details that fit your personality. It could be art portraits or ornate hardware. You could even go for crafted furniture to make the bathroom your own. Whatever you’re looking for, our team can help when you reach out to us now!

Let Us Redesign Your Bathroom in 2023!

When you hire Cross Road Carpentry & Home Improvements, you’re getting our experience. We know how to plan exposed pipework into the overall design. Our team can use warm metallics to accent your pipes or contrast them with anthracite.

If you’d prefer a vintage aesthetic for your bathroom, our experts can utilize antique wallpaper and furniture. We can combine modern with retro tones and fixtures for a unique interior design. When you’re ready to bring your bathroom into 2023 with current trends, give us a call today!

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